BumGenius elemental Countess AIO
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In a nutshell:

- All in one nappy

- Birth to Potty nappy, adjustable rise height

- Organic cotton

- Slim fitting

- Very absorbant

- Snap closure

About BumGenius Elemental:

BumGenius elemental is an all in one nappy that features 12 layers of organic cotton nicely arranged into two sublayers to aid with drying time. These cloth nappies also feature an exposed PUL outer layer, which provides the waterproof barrier.

The BumGenius elemental cloth nappy is an exceptionally slim all-in-one nappy with great absorbency for its size. This makes it the perfect nappy for those parents that are not so keen on the “fluff bum” look and prefer a trimmer fit.

We would absolutely recommend them for daytime but they could work for night time too.

Bumgenius elemental nappies are made by US manufacturer Cotton Babies.


The BumGenius elemental cloth nappy is a btp (Birth To Potty) nappy for babies between 8 and 35 lbs.

A system of snaps on the rise of the nappy allows for the rise to be adjusted to 3 different rise heights to fit the size of your baby.

How it works:

Once you have selected the right rise height setting for your baby simply put the nappy on and adjust the waist by selecting the snap setting on the waist that fits your baby best. The waist tabs are slightly elastic for a snug fit. It really is that easy!


12 layers of lovely organic cotton and exposed waterproof outer.

Tips & Tricks:

The organic cotton layers are sized for the larger rise setting. If you are using the nappy on a smaller baby you can fold the excess. We recommend that you place the fold at the front for boys as that is where the max absorbency will be required and in the middle for girls. Although there is no reason why you couldn’t place the excess fold at the back if you wished to do so. Generally the more absorbent a nappy is the longer it takes to dry. This is the only downside we find with the BumGenius elemental nappies: drying speed. To aid with the drying speed you can hang them on your line separating the two sublayers of organic cotton and flipping one so that the waterproof part is between the two layers of organic cotton. Hanging the clean reusable nappy by one of the organic layers will increase the surface area and will allow quicker drying.