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TotsBots Easyfit nappies are an All in One system by TotsBots. They really are easy to use!

The nappies fasten with a hook & loop system, this makes them really as easy to put on, just as a disposable nappy. Hook & loop system is preferred by parents, carers or child minders that are not too sold on the idea of reusable nappies and are looking for something very easy to fasten. They are also very adjustable.

The interior of the TotsBots easyfit v4 nappy is made of a bamboo, cotton and minky blend fabric. It has a long sawn in booster that can be folded over or tucked in like a pocket nappy, with the advantage that you’ll never loose the inserts. Additionally it comes with a poppable insert to further tailor absorbency. TotsBots Easyfit v4 area reasonably fast drying but not as absorbent as other nappies. They are a great daytime nappy.

TotsBots Easyfit v4 nappy are a birth to potty generally fit from 8lbs-35lbs. Though they may fit poorly at the extremes of this range. They have a system of poppers on the rise that allows the rise height to be adjusted. TotsBots Easyfit v4 have two rise height settings.

In a nutshell:

- 8lbs - 35 lbs

- All in One nappy. Integral waterproof outer, no need for wrap cover

- Hook & Loop fastening system

- Birth to Potty nappy

- Pop-in booster included for extra absorbency

- Fast drying

- Oekotex certified materials