Little Lamb start up Pocket and night nappies pack
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Product weight is 2000g based on individual pack size
Price excludes delivery charges which are calculated based on the total order weight

This pack offers great value for money to those parents that want to try cloth nappies

The pack includes sufficient nappies to start up using reusable nappies part time or to use full time but washing every day.

It will also suit well the families starting up on cloth nappies with older babies, as the frequency of change decreases.

The pack comprises a combination of pocket nappies in assorted prints which are recommended for daytime use and a couple of fitted nappies and waterproof wrap which are specially recommended for nighttime use.

The Start up Pocket and Night nappies pack includes:

- 9 Little Lamb Pocket One Size nappies in assorted prints

- 3 Little Lamb bamboo Fitted nappies in size 1 or 2, please specify the required size on checkout

- 1 Little Lamb wet bag

- 1 pack of 100 disposable liners

Size 1 fitted nappies would fit up to 20 lbs and size 2 nappies would fit from 20 lbs onwards