Soft sole shoes Express Train Blue size S
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For the best fit, we recommend you measure your baby's feet. You can do so by placing your baby's foot flat on the floor on top of a piece of paper and marking the heel and the top of the toe, then measure between the two marks


In a nutshell:

- Cute, comfortable and sparking the imagination!

- Soft, flexible 3 layer sole

- High quality durable soft, 100% safe leather upper

- Flexible ankle strap, which makes putting them on easily and keeps them on

- High quality and safe genuine leather

- Green packaging

- Made in the EU

About the soft shoes

The upper side of the shoes is natural, soft but resistant, made of high-quality nappa leather. Because of the excellent breathing character of the leather, the child's feet do not sweat into the shoe.

The sole has three layers: Between the non-slip suede soles and the inner leather lining, a layer of 3mm elastic foam provides insulation and reduces the pressure on the joints, while running on hard ground.

The shoes are easy to get on, by using the flexible ankle band, which stays fixed.

The front of the shoe provides enough space for the free movement of toes, and helping a free feet development.

It is always optimum for the baby's feet development to be barefoot, but for those moments when being barefoot is not an option, these lil shoes provide the perfect alternative, here's what the manufacturer's have to say:

The shoes are soft-soled, as if the child is barefoot, still protecting him from mechanical damage, and also from the unpleasantness of cold (or hot) surfaces.

In the Liliputi soft-soled leather shoes, children learn to walk so that :

-Every little part of the sole is activated in the process of walking, which strengthens the foot muscles, thus preventing the most common orthopedic foot problems, like flat feet

-They feel the uneven ground with their sole, which greatly contributes to the development of their balance and coordination.

-The foot reflex zones are stimulated during walking, which has a positive impact on the entire body.