Boba stretchy wrap Black
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In a nutshell:

- 2 way stretchy wrap with a lovely feel

- perfect for newborns and premies

- can be pre-tied

- One size fits all

- French terry material 95% cotton 5% spandex

- EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified

The Boba wrap is a two way stretchy wrap of a medium weight with a lovely feel thanks to its composition of 95% and 5% spandex.

Stretchy wraps like Boba wrap are long pieces of stretchy material that wrap around the carer’s body and are secured with a double knot. The Boba wrap can be pre-tied prior to putting the baby in. It’s two way stretch means that it stretches along the width and the length of the wrap. We think that this makes it more forgiving and generally easier to use for beginners than other one way stretchy wraps as it is possible to get a snug fit when pre-tying and thanks to its two way stretch, stretch enough to be able to put the baby in with minimal readjustment.

The Boba wrap is a good choice for newborns and supports the ergonomic physiological position of the baby.