Emeibaby Special Edition Panda
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In a nutshell:

- suitable from birth to toddler (15Kg/33lbs approx. 3-4 years)

- combines the versatility and good positioning of a woven wrap with the ease and quickness of a buckle carrier or SSC.

- point by point adjustability of the panel to adapt exactly to the shape of the baby

- easy and quick to use for everyday use

- panel is made of woven wrap material

- padded waistband and straps for additional comfort

- knee to knee support at any age

- Made of organic materials

EmeiBaby carrier

The EmeiBaby baby carrier is a versatile baby carrier suitable from birth to toddlerhood.

The innovative and patented system of the EmeiBaby carrier combines the practicality of a buckles baby carrier with the adaptability and adjustability of a woven wrap.

The EmeiBaby carrier adjusts and adapts to any size baby from newborn to up to 3 or 4 years and does so respecting the ergonomic physiological position of the baby without the need of additional inserts, cushions or cincher accessories.

Moreover, offers great comfort and adjustability for the adult too.

For the adult, the EmeiBaby adjust like an ordinary buckle carrier using a similar system to a rucksack. The waist band is clipped and adjusted around the adult’s body and the shoulder straps can be adjusted dually both at the top of the carrier and side.

For the baby, the part that offers the support is adjusted in a similar way to a woven wrap, with great point-by-point adjustment, which is tailored to every baby. This is the strongest point of the EmeiBaby carrier, because we know that there is no 2 babies the same. Once adjusted to fit the baby, this adjustment stays fixed thanks to a system of rings on the sides. This means that the adult does not need to adjust this part every time you use the baby carrier like you would with a woven wrap, but can just put it on as simply as a conventional buckle carrier. This part would only need to be readjusted sporadically as the baby grows.

On conventional buckle baby carriers only the waist and the shoulder straps can be adjusted.; the back panel, which offers baby’s support is fixed and can not be adjusted, thus the baby adapts to the carrier, and often requires the use of additional inserts or accessories to fit newborns or larger toddlers. With the revolutionary system of the EmeiBaby baby carrier it is the baby carrier that adapts to the baby, thus it allows a good ergonomic position throughout any developmental stage, from newborns to very large toddlers which would still get good leg and hip support.

It offers front carries and back carries and is comfortable and easy to use whilst maintaining perfect adjustability for the growing baby. It is suitable for babies of up to 15Kg (33 lbs).

The materials used on the EmeiBaby are 100% organic and Oeko-Tex standard 100, the padding is foam.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild detergent. No spin drying. Air dry. Do not use fabric softener. Do not wash frequently. Spot clean as needed. For ring protection use laundry bag. Do not bleach.