Pull along Hopping rabbit
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This cute little rabbit hops up and down like a real rabbit when pulled along. Children will enjoy having this little rabbit jumping along behind them as they walk

It develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills on our little toddlers and also sparks the imagination as our children grow. Also great for the development of language and communication on our children imitating the noises as the rabbit hops! "Hop little rabbit hop hop hop..."

We've put it in the 12+ months category but It's also great to help babies develop their visual tracking skills if you pull the pull along within their vision field when doing tummy time.

Made of sustainable solid rubber tree wood with water based dyes and organic colour pigments

Best toy award winning

Dimensions inch 3.7x9.7x3.9

About PlanToys

We do love PlanToys here at ecoroos, from the material used, to the whole ethos of the company. It is the most sustainable toy manufacturer we know and the toys themselves are gorgeous.

The toys are made of natural rubber tree wood, but they are only cut to be transformed into a PlanToy when the rubber tree stops producing latex. Nothing is wasted in this company, the sawdust is mixed with organic pigments to create PlanWood very characteristic of the PlanToys. All the dyes are water-based and any glue used is the non-toxic certified e-zero formaldehyde free glue.

Not enough? Apart from that, the wood that can’t be used for toys goes into the biomass generator that combined with solar panels fuels the factory. Additionally Plan Toys really care about their employees and their community and they invest heavily on teaching children about sustainability, beause they are our future!