Natural rubber ball with glass feeding bottle
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These superb feeding glass bottles come with a natural rubber ball enclosing it. This not only offers protection against accidental drops but also helps your baby feed herself

When you're not using the bottle, you can remove the natural rubber ball and it doubles up as a fun toy!

If you practice active pedagogies such as Montessori, "holy" balls are one of the must have toys for babies as it allows them to gran them with their little hands

Why natural rubber?

At ecoroos we are big fans of natural toys, we choose natural toys because we want to make environmentally and socially sustainable choices for our children.

We look for toys that are respectful with the planet and safe for our children, especially when chewed and sucked on. That's why we look for toys that won't cause harm with the unintended consequences of chemical exposure

We choose natural rubber for our children because it's non-toxic, it's naturally soft and breathable and it's free of phthalates, PVC, petroleum and heavy metals.

We choose natural rubber for our planet because it is a renewable material, it is biodegradable and can be sustainably harvested.

Your Baby’s Favourite Eco Companions

No harmful chemicals and a shape that little fingers can easily grasp

  • 100% natural rubber, free from phthalates, PVC, EVAtane, sllicone and BPA
  • The little openings allow little hands to be able to grab it
  • The malleable rubber encourages baby’s natural gnawing action
  • The colour contrast stimulates and encourages the development of baby vision
  • Soft, light and gentle – easy to hold and chew on for even the smallest hand

This ball comes in an eco friendly gift-box perfect for both girls and boy.

Complies to safety standard EN 71.