Didymos Ring Sling 'Sans frontières EBW 2017'
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This wrap will be shipped from Tuesday 2nd May or can be collected at the Midlands Baby Carrying Convention (MBCC) on Saturrday 13th May

In a nutshell

Material: 100% Organic Cotton  

Surface weight: 250 g/m²  

Colour: Ecru, Viola, Orange, Gold, Turquoise  

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed  

Different Edges: yes  

Age of child: from birth  

Our Story

This wrap is very special here at ecoroos and to understand why... we need to tell you a little bit about us. I (Paula) am from Barcelona, I studied in France, spent a little bit of time in Germany and Sweden before settling in the UK with papa ecoroos, where we spent the last 10 years of our life and had our two beautiful girls and where my journey in the baby carrying world started.

Those that have been with us for a while... may remember that a couple of years ago we started a campaign to collect baby-carriers for the refugees fleeing the terrors and arriving in Europe. We didn't anticipate at the time the ripples that that would create... we started it as a small local collection... but the heartfelt post that I wrote with tears in my eyes went viral and within hours we were getting emails from all over the world with similar initiatives... so a bunch of us got together from different initiatives worldwide and Carrying Aid International was created, now efficiently run by Emily and Josie who have been in the ground fitting all those baby-carriers and Carriers for Kos.

So you can see why this wrap touches us at so many levels! Not only is it the fruit of a true european collaboration but £5 are donated to "Medecins Sans Frontieres"

About the Wrap

This is what happens when some strangers from all over Europe share a passion and a common dream... love happens. 

This woven wrap celebrates the first European Babywearing Week (8th-14th May) and Didymos have created this unique work of love!

This wrap is a genuine European project across all borders. The motto "I carry you always“ in 30 languages adorns the lovely Baby wrap Sling. To make a long story short, the idea of a Babywearing week was brought up by Rosie Knowles in November and we now proudly present the result ! In short, many people from no less than 14 nations were involved in this project! 

People in need are arriving in Europe daily. The European Babywearing Week would like to contribute to alleviate their distress. 
5 Euro from the proceeds from the sale of each wrap go directly to “Médecins sans Frontières” (Doctors without Borders).

There will be many activities during the EBW 17 in the individual countries, there might be one nearby! You can find most of them on Facebook.   

This Wrap is woven with a colour gradient and delicate writing. The front and the back sides are different. The writing on the white side has a colour gradient, the reverse side highlights the colour gradient and the writing is inverted in natural white.