Connecta Baby Carrier Petite WW Fenella Bay Geo
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This baby carrier has petite straps and standard body which is suitable from birth to toddlerhood

Made of the beautiful Woven Wing's wrap Fenella Bay Geo

Connecta baby carrier is one of our favourite carriers for their simplicity. It really has no frills and works really well.

Inspired in the mei tai design, Connecta baby carriers add the practicality of buckles to the simplicity of a mei tai.

Connecta baby carriers consist of a panel of material, a buckle that clips around the waist and two shoulder straps. Each strap goes over the shoulder, crosses the back and buckles into the opposite side of the front panel.

It has no padding on the waist band (and we do not think it is needed) this makes it lightweight and compact that is the perfect addition if you’re going on holiday or to pack with your pram if you enjoy the versatility of babycarriers but are not ready to give you’re pram up yet.

Connecta baby carrier is suitable from newborn to toddlerhood and can be used for front and back carries.