Integra baby carrier size 1 Hedgehogs
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From the makers of Connecta baby carriers comes the new Integra

Integra is a simple and stylish baby carrier that consist of a panel of material, a waistband and two shoulder straps. Each strap goes over the shoulder, crosses the back and buckles into the opposite side of the front panel. The innovation of the Integra baby carrier is the dual adjustment of the shoulder straps, which can be tightened both by pulling forwards and rearwards

It has no padding on the waist band (and we do not think it is needed) this makes it lightweight and compact that is the perfect addition if you’re going on holiday or to pack with your pram if you enjoy the versatility of babycarriers and are not ready to give you’re pram up.

Integra baby carrier size 1 can be used from newborn with the accessory strap to toddlerhood 2.5 years approximately although we feel they fit best from 2/3 months. It can be used for front and back carries.